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Curator professional

Software controled protonresonance device



The Curator professional is the original instrument of proton resonance therapy.

With Curator professional and its software afflictions and disease patterns can be treated specificaly.


The technique for simultaneous control of max. 3 applicators plus 1 Point-Applicator is placed in a desk case with applicator tray.


A recent software which sends precise control signals from a Windows®-computer to the Curator. Herewith a wide indication range for the therapy trends

- Frequency therapy
- Homeopathic therapy
- Global Scaling® therapie

is provided, which modulate the light of the LEDs particularly strong or fine.



Besides these more than 190 field-tested programmes is an individual control of the system possible, too.
For each therapy length of treatment and frequency are preset but can also be adjusted manually.



scope of delivery (standard)

1 Curator professional (Control-unit) with integrated power connection
1 Applicator infrared/red
1 Fixing bound
1 Software
1 Connection wire to PC
1 user manual

Expandable with:
Applicators infrared/red and/or infrared/blue
Input beaker to apply homeopathics

In our Special we offer additionally a Netbook with installed software (see "prices")



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