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Proton resonance

The Curator is a light therapy instrument of which the parameter was drafted in association with the Institute to Space-Energy-Research on the basis of most modern light technology. Visual and unseeable light is modulated with frequences of the global scaling spectrum of proton resonances and causes photochemical reactions, which can not be caused by sun or lamp light. It affects the local immune defence, cycle in blood and lymph vessels, as well as metabolism in the cells.

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In combination with (own) homeopathics

The Curator professional offers through its selectable combination of proton resonance frequencies and homeopathic information, targeted and effective treatment. And you should understand the integrated programs but not satisfied, you can now settle your own homeopathic remedies with the Curator professionals. Use the energy of light as a carrier medium.
To customize your applications, you can now apply your own homeopathic remedies with the Curator professional. Use the energy of light as carrier medium.


§ The "Heilmittelwerbegesetz" just allows the publication of detailed information to medical professionals §

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